AR15 Hunting

AR15 Hunting

While the AR15 platform is an awesome choice for a tactical weapon, majority of people don’t give it a second thought as a hunting gun. That’s unfortunate, because the AR15, in its many calibers, can be built in a variety of configurations that are fantastic for hunting different types of game, from small varmints all the way up to some very large game.  Which is why we consider the AR15 to be the best coyote gun around when built with the right parts such as an Aero Precision Upper, Faxon Barrel, and Ballistic Advantage.  It is accurate, easy to customize, and allows fast follow-up shots for when you call in that elusive double.  The key is to build a lightweight AR15 with reliable parts that have been tested in the field.  That’s why every part we sale we have used and tested in the field.  Take a look at our AR15 parts store and you will see we only carry specific brands like Aero Precision, Faxon, and Ballistic Advantage.  So lets dig in to how you can start AR15 Hunting and don’t forget to check out our AR15 Build page for our recommended AR15 part tiers.  That’s right, we have taken the guesswork out of building your next AR15.  Just decide on a performance or price category and we provide the list of parts you can trust.

AR15 Hunting Calibers

Most hunters don’t know but the AR15 platform can be built with different calibers so you are not limited to hunting just coyotes with your new AR15.  The main thing that determines what kind of game you can take with an AR is the size of the round that it’s chambered for. The standard AR15 is chambered in .223 Remington or 5.56mm, but many AR makers offer a few different caliber variations, including, but not limited to: 7.62X39, 6.5 Creedmore, 6.8 SPC, .243, .300 Whisper, .50 Beowulf, .458 SOCOM and more. So, there are many options when it comes to the caliber for a wide variety of hunting purposes. Furthermore, many ARs allow you change calibers by switching out the upper receiver and bolt carrier group. This flexibility makes the AR one of the best hunting rifles there are for hunting all manner of game animals.  It sounds simple enough, but there are some complexities to that must be taken into account when outfitting your AR to go after specific game types. Once you catch the black rifle disease you will want an AR15 for all sizes of game. does a good job of discussing hunting with the AR15 but let’s talk about the most common calibers and what their advantages/disadvantages are.

223/5.56 – AR15 hunting round for predators and varmints

The 223 is the most common round when targeting predators and that’s for good reason.

6.8 – AR15 hunting round for Deer sized game and smaller

If you are familiar with the AR15 platform then you probably already know about the 6.8 AR15.  The 6.8 was originally developed as a possible replacement for the 5.56mm and is quickly gaining steam is the best all around AR15 Hunting caliber for deer sized game and larger.  However, ammunition is much more expensive than the 223/.556 round and so we always recommend to purchase your first AR15 Hunting rifle in the 223/.556 caliber to get comfortable with the platform.  However, as soon you are ready for your 2nd AR15 Hunting rifle make sure you take a hard look at the flat shooting and hard hitting 6.8 caliber.

308 – AR15 hunting round for all Large Game

The 308 caliber is the grand daddy of them all.  Nothing says Rambo like an AR15 chambered in 308.  Okay, technically it is called an AR10 when chambered in 308 but if you are looking to take large game such as Elk with an AR15 then you need to step up your rifle to an AR10.  The only problem is how stinking heavy these guns are.  A fully loaded AR10 without optics is a whopping 11 pounds.