AR15 Handguards Field Tested by First Strike

The First Strike Hunting team personally uses AR15 Handguards by ALG Defense and Midwest Industries on our guns.  Most people over spend on a handguard because they like the design instead of saving that money for more important parts.  ALG Defense and Midwest Industries are lightweight and proven in the field.  That’s why we exclusively only carry these two brands for our AR15 Hunting guns here.  Take the guesswork out of selecting an AR15 Handguard and pick up one of these to build the best coyote gun.

ALG Defense Handguards

First Strike Hunting chooses ALG Defense Handguards for two reasons.  Ergonomics and Effective.  We love tubular handguards for hunting situations and ALG Ergonomic handrails rise to the top for us.  It’s hard to beat the quality and comfort of an ALG Handguard for how much they cost so we throw them on the majority of our AR15 Hunting Guns.  Give them a try on your next coyote gun and you will see what we mean.

Midwest Industries Handguards

Midwest Industries is a trusted name in the business, especially when it comes to their AR15 Handguards.  Not much to say here other then pick out the one you like.  We are biased towards the Midwest Industries Lightweight Handguard and like to throw them on our lightweight AR15 builds.

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